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How can I use my talents correctly? How do I challenge and develop my employees? How can I lead better? How can I meet the expectations of my stakeholders and drive the growth of the company? Dealing with these questions is just as much a part of my coaching strategy as analysing my own beliefs in order to jointly derive solutions from them. Working on one’s own leadership competence is an important part of the coaching process. To act confidently and confidently, to know and use one’s own strengths and to have the courage to make decisions are important prerequisites for successful leadership. In my experience, managers are convincing when they penetrate their specialist area, master their craft and have clear ideas about their role, their values and their strengths.

Because I understand how companies and people function in hierarchies, I know how leadership works.

Occasions for coaching:

  • Employee leadership and new management tasks
  • Transformation and change processes
  • Difficult decisions
  • Conflict and crisis situations
  • Question about own potentials and motivation
  • Phases of professional change and career steps
  • Burnout

Coaching for organizations

Coaching for organizations

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Vanessa Ruhtz

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