For Individuals

Life Coaching for individuals

You’re wondering, what do I really want? What are my goals? What gives me energy? How do I break out of familiar paths? How do I find my inner balance? Which job suits me best? What does happiness mean to me?

As a coach I help people to find answers to these and other questions about finden. I understand how change processes work and how one’s own goals can be achieved.


Together we work out your individual solution by concentrating on your strength to create clarity.

Occasions for coaching:

  • Life and career planning
  • The desire to identify and build on strengths
  • Separation
  • Wish for professional reorientation

Life Coaching for individuals

Life Coaching for individuals

People with a desire for change
German and English
Personal and online
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Vanessa Ruhtz

Phone: +49 173 924 10 05